Well, hello there!

My name is Elin. I'm originally an archaeologist, but after many years in the heritage field I decided to try out the modern world and ended up in the automotive industry working with aftermarket technology.

Quite a leap you might think, but that's what Gothenburg does to you!

During the day I work as a Software Release Manager but my spare time is all about heritage and preferably combinations of heritage and technology.

I also tweet about things I find interesting in heritage/tech as @virtualheritage.

Follow me there!


After having worked many years doing various jobs in the heritage field, me and my good friend Jenny Rosander decided to team up and start up Virtual Heritage, a company specialized in IT aimed towards the cultural heritage field. After a few years I decided I needed to move beyond the heritage field to learn more and today I work as a software release manager within automotive.

I still adore the heritage field, and try to stay updated and work within tech/heritage whenever I can!

Academic Background

Below you can find some further information on my academic background. If you wish to read any of my texts you can find both my 2009 Master's thesis and my 2007 Archaeology Bachelor's Dissertation available as pdf downloads.

Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Uppsala University. (in progress)

Master of Science in Library and Information Science
Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås.

Bachelor of Arts in Literature
Uppsala University. 2011

Master of Arts in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies
Uppsala University. 2009

Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology
Uppsala University. 2007

Study Abroad Program
University of Sussex. 2004

Diploma 2nd Level in Italian
Università per Stranieri di Perugia. 2001

Master's Thesis
Ivarsson, E., Definition and Prospects of the Virtual Museum, Uppsala University, Uppsala. 2009.

Bachelor's Dissertations
Ivarsson, E., A Stratigraphical Study of Previous Excavation at Bambandyanalo (K2), Uppsala University, Uppsala. 2007.

Ivarsson, E., Oh Father Where Art Thou - En Analys av Fadersgestalten i Johannes Anyurus Diktsamling: Det är bara Gudarna som är nya, Umeå University, Umeå. 2004. (in Swedish)

Ivarsson, E., Video Games as Art - A Study of Video Games at Art Museums, Gotland University, Visby. 2013.

Ivarsson, E., Nationella Museum och Identitet: Armémuseer i Sverige och Turkiet, Uppsala University, Uppsala. 2012. (in Swedish)

Ivarsson, E., Šumma Naditum (Om en Prästinna) - Prästinnor och tempelprostituerade i Babylon, Uppsala University, Uppsala. 2006. (in Swedish)

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, you can do so using the contact form. You can also contact me through twitter at @virtualheritage or through LinkedIn.

More contact options are available through Virtual Heritage’s company website www.virtualheritage.se.

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